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We are a minor political party in Italy committed to the reinstatement of the monarchy kingdom.

Our courage to come back comes from the need to establish monarchy to get rid of all types of traumas, sufferings, and threats that the people of Italy are susceptible at.

While the party was eradicated in a 1946 referendum, it has not lost hope. In fact, the determination to work for the people has bring us back. We now seek to increase both the awareness as well as discussion about the need of monarchy amongst the public so that it can recognize what this kind of ruling can do for them.

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Thrusting Vibrators are here to slay. Here’s why.

A thrusting vibrator is a portable sex-machine. Unlike dildos, this beast can thrust itself in, so your hands don’t have to do anything. I have wanted a thrusting vibe for a while now, but they were either too expensive or lacked the G-spot stimulator.


After a lot of searching, I finally got one. The California Dreaming Orange County Cutie has earned its place in my treasure-trove of sex toys in frequent rotation, and I would recommend it. This cute vibe is ideal for both experienced dildo lovers and newbies.


However, there are a few downsides to it. I’ll describe the benefits and shortcomings below in greater detail so you can judge whether this thrusting sex toy might be something for you.


Technical tidbits


Being a rabbit vibrator gives you the benefits of a thrusting G-spot massager and a flickering teaser for your clit. This toy measures 11.5 cm x 3.75 cm along its haft, while the clit-teasers is about 5.75 cm x 2.5 cm. It comes with 10 somewhat-diverse modes of vibration and 3 thrusting speeds. The charging time and maximum playtime stand up to around 150mins which is pretty decent in this category.

One of the coolest functionalities would be that it has a memory chip that remembers the last function used and plays that when you switch the toy. It also comes with a travel lock for the shaft, so you don’t have to fear your vibe pouncing open when inside the purse.


The body comprises body-safe silicone and ABS Plastic and has a thin decorative Metallic plating. It is USB rechargeable and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.




California Dreaming Orange County Cutie comes in a bright peachy color with lovely metallic details. Pose it on a bedside table as a kinky decorative piece and sneak some glances to get your partner in the mood. In hand, the classic rabbit shape seems quite familiar and very balanced weight-wise. The Cutie sex toy looks just as good as it feels. Since it is made of silky smooth silicone, it feels soft yet sturdy to touch. The toy can be classified under the “small to medium” vibrator category due to its compact size and decent insertable length.

The shaft has a curved tip to stimulate the G-Spot and ribs at its base. The clit stimulator is relatively thin and pointed.




Thrusting vibrators at Twice Tonight are unique in that they don’t get tired like most men, so you can get yourself pounded for as long as you desire. I love that the buttons are tactile and super easy to use; a gentle press does the trick. This is crucial in a thruster because it is easier to make mistakes on touch screens or more challenging buttons, leading to unwanted thrust intensities. Although I love pushing the boundaries of how much pounding I can take, sometimes enough is enough. On the other hand, I should also point out that the G-spot curve at the tip is perfect for practicing your endurance.



The use of the clit stimulator needs some explanation, in my opinion. The vibrations are very strong, but the tip is thin and somewhat sharp. I used it in two different ways; first by carefully placing the vibrator on the clit and second by rotating it and pressing my clit against the broader part of the stimulator. The latter entails a continuous increase of pressure on your clit and, potentially, a slight upward rotation of the toy. It should not go unnoticed that the precise size of the clit flicker will depend on your anatomy and the position of your clit. However, you indeed have the option to either work with or against your anatomy.


In principle, the rabbit thrusting sex toy works excellent in many positions, whether on the back, sideways, or your belly. The easy-to-push buttons are sturdy enough not to get triggered unless you want them to.




The California Dreaming Orange County Cutie vibrator packs a strong beast in a compact portable size. It has several pointers that make it a crowd favorite but also has its cons that can turn heads away. However, I’d still recommend you to give this thrusting vibrator a shot. Not only because it is one heck of a pounder but also because of its decent price point, making it an easy-access toy for many amongst us.


Here are the pros and cons that I could come up with after using the toy for a week:


Pros of the thrusting vibrator:

  • Fantastic G-spot stimulator
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to press tactile buttons
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel lock for safety
  • Great size for beginners and experienced dildo-lover.


Cons of the thrusting vibe:

  • A bit noisy on some modes
  • Clit vibrator’s tip is too thin


In the end, it is your call. So go ahead and get yourself the California Dreaming Orange County Cutie thrusting sex toy, and you will get a new best friend!

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