About Alleanza Monarchica


The Kingdom of Italy since 1861 was ideally a statutory monarchy. As executed by the selected ministers, the decision-making power belonged to the monarch in rule.

This power was under the control of two legislative parliament chambers namely, an appointive, non-compulsory Chamber of Deputies and a Senate. In theory, all ministers were only answerable to the king. Nevertheless, the Italian government could not stay in office without the parliament’s support.

The House of Savoy, an imperial family since 1003, continued to evolve as a genuine monarchism. Through steady expansion, it evolved in power from reigning a small nation in the Alps to absolute ruling over the Sicily kingdom between 1713 to 1720. It then governed the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 to 1946.

A revolutionary political change was led by the establishment of the National Fascist Party. From 1922 to 1943, the Fascist era governed the nation under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. The fascists inflicted the dictatorial rule and defeated the political and intellectual antagonism, while advocating the conventional social values and economic modernization along with a reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church.

When the First World War ended, the economic conditions deteriorated. King Victor Emmanuel III was advised to one-side the army of Mussolini but He appointed him as Prime Minister in late 1922. With the help of abusive powers, Mussolini dropped all hopes for democracy and even the king’s right to remove him was the only test of his power. However, he failure to do so due to which the Mussolini regime had critical future consequences for both monarchy and the country itself.

Soon after the war, the political discontent led to the 1946 constitutional referendum on whether the nation would be a republic or a monarchy. The citizens abandoned the monarchy and supported the Italian Republic, which is the current Italian state.

We are Dogmatic

Monarchist Alliance, although a minor political party, intends to restore the abandoned monarchy in the country in the dogmatic way.

While the Italian public had abolished monarchy before 72 years, we feel that it is the only option that can work for the betterment of the Italian society considering the present civil ups and downs. However, we will not do this personally or socially. We want to be truly political for servicing the people who had once lost hope in monarchy.

Our duty

It is our duty to work for the upliftment of those who are still struggling to live a normal life in Italy as well those who have already moved forward but are lacking somewhere to progress in all fields of life.

In short, our work is relentless service to the people of Italy via politically implanted monarchy. This time monarchy is not going to be so pardoning or too silent such that the people have survival threats.

Our Mission

It is our dream to bring back the original flourishing civil goodness of the olden days.

Old is gold – this idiom is also applicable to the political world. While most of that old is not restorable practically, the golden monarchy discipline can come back. This is exactly our mission. We are not advocating any monopoly for ruling the life of Italians but for reigning over their struggles, risks, threats, and unfair dealings that make their life miserable.

Our Slogan

“We are close to people!” The deep desire to be with people makes us say so quite proudly as our slogan.

Just as a loved one dear to one’s heart, we are striving to be the same for our Italians. Our slogan is our vision. There is nothing beyond this vision, as it is the zenith that any political party can reach.

We are close to people