White paper manifesto of our Italian party Alleanza Monarchica

Join the Monarchist Alliance to restore the original Italian monarchy in a dogmatic way and revive the original civil goodness that has flourished for hundreds of years.

Restore lost glory

In a dogmatic way, we intend to restore the abandoned monarchy, which is the only option that can work for the betterment of society.

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Equality& Justice

We will create equality and justice in Italy by establishing an enlightened monarchical rule as it used to exist in the past.

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No more chaos in politics

The current party system creates chaos and disharmony among Italians, while we believe that an enlightened monarchical rule can establish stability and order.

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Why do we believe in Monarchy?

Monarchism takes no sides in any political debate and simply wants to see Italy prosper under a royal government, as opposed to being torn apart by constant internal disputes.

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Join The Alliance

The Monarchist Alliance is a political party that seeks to restore the monarchy in Italy. We believe that it is the best option for Italy's betterment.