Our team makes our party and mission proud

A political party thrives only because the people for whom they work love their members. We firmly believe in this ideology and have amend our team from time to time. We simply put them on rotation so that they master the political art and win the people’s hearts.

Richard Benetto

The Founder

With a dream of bringing monarchy back, Richard Benetto has all the potential to be the founder of the same in the present-day Italy.

He intends to do so by collaborating with all civic bodies and people so that the party can serve in the most amicable as well as awared manner. He does not want a dictator rule but a ruler with all-embracing qualities to serve!

Romano Grillo

The President

The true motivator, the establisher of monarchy optimism, and a strong believer in monarchy.

Louis Orfini

Government Consultant

Passion for public sector and social policy decisions analyzer.

Silvio Amato

Monarchy Engagement

Passion for making monarchy easy for people to engage in and making them unbiased.

Beth Salvini

Head of European Networks

Passion for network and support development for monarchy in the country.

We are close to people